The Depot Oil Change

Motor oil lubricates engine components and helps stop metal parts from grinding against one another. It also helps stop deposits from forming on engine components using special detergents. Includes a multi-point inspection while you wait.

Here’s why we’re different

Anti-Freeze Flush

Deposit buildup can block the flow of antifreeze to your engine, leading to overheating, freezing, rust, corrosion and inconvenient breakdown.

Differential / Case

Differentials deliver the power from transmission to wheels. Extreme high operating temperatures can cause thermal breakdown of the differential fluid, leading to a loss of lubrication and deposit formation. This can cause gears to grind while leaving behind metal shavings and other debris.

Transmission Fluid Service

Buildup of deposits in fluid can cause debris resulting in overheating, delayed shifting and transmission failure.

Filter (Cabin, Oil, Air)

Air, oil and cabin filters should be changed to help clean used or dirty air and oil before it enters the engine or the passenger cabin. Otherwise, dirt, dust and debris can accumulate more rapidly, which may lead to poor performance.

Belt Replacement

Your serpentine belt runs vehicle systems such as your power steering, alternator, water pump and air conditioning. Even a slight loss of serpentine belt material can cause loss of power to systems and parts.

Fuel System Services

Deposits in your fuel system can cause blockages that lead to lost acceleration, rough idling and hesitation.

Tire Rotation

Your tires are probably the most expensive investment in your car or truck. Whether you still have the original tires you bought with your vehicle or you have invested in new tires, they are worth maintaining to help minimize tire wear.

A/C Service

When it’s hot outside, your vehicle AC keeps you cool and comfortable. When it’s cold outside, your AC allows your defroster to work efficiently, helping you see clearly.

Wiper Replacement

There are few things more dangerous than operating your vehicle without having clear visibility through your windshield. Experts can replace your wiper blades in just a few minutes with high-quality, expertly designed, wiper blades.

Light Replacement

Avoid unwanted tickets and restore visibility. Our expert technicians replace your lights with no inconvenience to you.



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